Preparing the Kids

Small kids

First and foremost, talk to them about the session in the days leading up and answer any questions they have.

Tell your photographer all you can about your little one, so we can connect more with them.

Feed them beforehand and bring extra snacks (that won’t stain fingers and tongues). Full bellies are happy bellies.

Be sure to keep everyone awake on the drive to the shoot.

Prepare a reward for after the session.

Let them be kids - let go of expectations and go with the flow. If they want to run around, run around with them. If they want to be silly, let's get silly! We want to see their personalities come through in the photos.

Try not to scold them during the shoot. This typically leads to tears and/or strained smiles and stress for everyone.

Check their face - Kids of all ages can get boogies in their noses, have dirty faces or crazy hair! Try to check your children thoroughly to make sure their faces and noses are clear of anything you might not want showing up in your family pics.

Bring extra wipes for boogies or other messes.

Older Kids

If your child brings a device like a phone or tablet to the session it’s a good idea to leave it in the car as it can be distracting if it’s in their pocket.

Let them be involved in choosing their outfit so they are comfortable. Older kids can sometimes have a hard time “loosening up” for their shoot so it helps if they feel good in what they’re wearing.

While we will do posed shots, I also like to capture the family dynamic so feel free to tickle, joke and be silly with your older kids! Try to make them laugh!