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hi, I'm charlotte!

As a mama of two, I understand how daunting a family photo session can seem. Kids are unpredictable and sometimes, frankly, just aren’t feelin’ it the day of the session. Not to worry, though! I strive to make my sessions fun for everyone and have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to get those genuine smiles and giggles!

I embrace, and even encourage, play during the session. If your little one wants to run around, let’s run around with them! Are they really into bubbles right now? Let’s blow some bubbles! Do they have a favorite stuffed animal they just can't be separated from? Bring them along! My focus is getting them to interact and be comfortable, so we can capture who they really are. 

Considering the environment is a must with any littles. Parks with a nearby playground may not be the best idea. The best location is a location that is comfortable and engaging without being distracting. In addition, if your child has sensory issues, we want to be mindful of things like wind, sounds, etc. 

I would love to work with you and your sweet family and am here to ease any concerns you may have about booking a professional photo session! Let's make this a great experience!