What is a Mini Session?

Simply put, a mini session is a smaller version of a regular photo session. If you have a busy life, a restless toddler, moody teenager, or a partner who loathes taking pictures, a mini session may be just what you need! Locations and dates of minis are predetermined by photographer.

spring Minis

April 13 + 20

Washington Oaks Gardens

Mommy + Me Minis

April 28

In Studio

Mommy + Me minis


Washington Oaks Gardens

Summer minis


Why book a mini?

Low Commitment

Both time and financial commitments are lower for mini sessions. You get beautiful photos in a fraction of the time for a fraction of the cost of a full session. This is also a great time to “try-out” working with a new photographer to see if you like their work and get along with them to hire them for a full session in the future….all without having to commit to a full session.

Perfect for kids

Mini sessions are a great option for little ones who may struggle to hang through a longer session. Get great photos before their attention span is up.

"I just need a few photos"

Mini sessions are great if you’re finding yourself “just needing a few” whether that is for a headshot refresh for your LinkedIn or website bio, holiday cards, etc.